Terri L Ryder, MSW, EdM

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

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"A child's greatest achievements are possible in play, achievements that tomorrow will become her basic level of real action and morality."

​--Lev Vygotsky, Russian Psychologist,
"Mind in Society"


EASES SCHOOL TRANSITION An in-home preschool eases the transition from home to school. It provides social interaction with other children without being overwhelming. Playful Learning gives youngsters a chance to make friends and learn from a teacher in a setting that feels comfortable and familiar. 

MORE INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION Center-based preschools allow 12 children per teacher, so your child may be one of 24 in a class. This makes it difficult to develop a personal relationship with each child. At Playful Learning Preschool, size is limited to 6 children. Your child receives personalized attention and each day’s lessons can be tailored to their individual differences and educational needs. We get to know your child personally--their moods, behaviors and preferences

COMMUNITY LEARNING The mixed-age groups, give children an opportunity to learn from their peers.  At Playful Learning Preschool, everyone in the community is valued for what they can bring to the table and can teach others.  We are a community of learners…and teachers!


Playful Learning Preschool is a new Huntington Beach home-based educational setting where each child is valued as an individual with their own talents, interests and needs.  We have over 25 years of experience fostering children's confidence and building strong academic and social skills.  We  engage with them so they find joy in learning.

Young children learn as a result of their own actions, relationships and exploration of something that deeply interests them.  The role of the teacher is to partner with children seeking answers and supporting their investigation--providing the material, tools and guidance to inspire.   When children are invested and engaged--having a wonderful time, they are getting the kind of learning that lasts.

Playful Learning is now enrolling potty trained 2-5 year olds.  Space is limited.  Reserve your spot today.


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Playful Learning Preschool embraces education as a fully engaged process.  In order to do this, we create an atmosphere where the children are valued and feel comfortable expressing what is important to them.  The children's curiosity sets the stage for what happens at school. Children respond more positively to the things that interest them.  Lesson plans are close at hand, but may change, based upon what the children express.

We love the synergistic learning process that happens when curious minds are combined with guidance and open opportunities to explore.  Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where children feel safe enough to ask questions, discover and seek answers.

Playful Learning Preschool